Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Lights Viewing

I remember going to see Christmas lights as a kid and being mesmerized. So I really wanted to take C this year. But with his still early bedtime, an hour's plus drive didn't seem like it was reasonable. That took a lot of these places that are festivals and light shows off the table for us.

We love Christmas lights on MiCHill, too, already mentioning one house that decks out for the holidays. Then one of you readers out there mentioned Southern Village Community as a great drive thru for light viewing. We loaded C up and away we went. It was so fun for us and C loved it. Southern Village did have a luminary light display earlier in the month, but we missed that. Apparently they re-lit them a few times but we still missed that. What makes Southern Village work for light viewing is that the houses aren't too far apart and a quick drive yields a lot of houses with lights, even if only about half of the houses are actually decorated.

If Chapel Hill isn't your neck of the woods, DH and I found this google map of Raleigh-Durham-Wake Forest as we were cruising the Net: We didn't personally try out any of the recommendations but it looks like a very useful map.

Sarah C. found this link: Not much comes up for our zip codes, unfortunately (and I know it's not because these houses aren't in our area, but it's because people haven't submitted them). She did do a drive-by of the one in Durham and said it was crazy-fun.
(Although I love this website and people who go crazy for Christmas, giving C something to wonder at, I was kind of happy to know my neighbors hadn't reported me.)

Anyhow, our experience last night was a nice little reminder that sometimes the simplest things in your backyard can yield a lot of joy for your child. And thanks to all of you out there who decorate your house for the holidays. I love you for making my child smile.


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