Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Factory

Sarah C. brings a suggestion for getting out of the house and staying warm:

Need fun for the entire family?  The Factory in Wake Forest has plenty to keep your family occupied from shopping to dining to entertainment all in one place.

The main components of this facility are sports related and fun whether you are a participant or part of the crowd.  Inside the main building is everything from a dance studio to a soccer field to martial arts to an ice rink.  Literally, something for everyone. 

Our family of 3 visited on a chilly, wet day and found lots to do just walking around window shopping at the stores and pausing to watch games in progress.  We caught a bit of soccer and some ice hockey.  Both kept D mesmerized for a while.

Something that we didn't do was participate, but it wasn't for lack of options.  There is plenty for even the littlest in the crowd. For example, The Tumble Gym and Jumpin' Beans (inflatable play) both looked like great fun. And, we noticed signs in other sports areas offering instruction for kids as young as 2.  Think your child might be the next hockey, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, you name it star - there is sure to be a class here for them.

You'll also find the YMCA, a few stores (sports accessories, trophies, gifts and a small toy/candy shop) as well as a paint-your-own ceramics shop, an art gallery that also features lessons for ages 7 and up, and several food options.  Outside the main building are the go-karts and mini golf, a skateboard park (which offers an indoor skate area as well as outdoor), a baseball park, vehicle inspection station and 2 more restaurants.  Truly, it's all too much too list in this post so check The Factory's website (listed below) for the full listing and further details.  Enjoy your visit!

The Factory | Directory (Map) | Shops (Listing)
1839 South Main Street
Wake Forest
(919) 453-1839



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