Saturday, December 4, 2010

Leesville Community Park & Library

From Sarah C.:

I recently had two important missions on hand - to borrow a book for myself and get D out of the house to burn some energy.  Searching Wake County Library's online catalog, I discovered that a branch I had never visited wasn't too far away, had the book I wanted and was part of a park.  Perfect.  I packed up D and off we went.

Leesville Community Park & Library are located in north Raleigh and can be easily accessed via I-540 or highway 70/Glenwood Avenue.  We located it almost without any trouble - I missed the turn into the parking lot as the sign is parallel to the street versus perpendicular so keep your eye out for it.

Our first stop was the Library. It is on the small side, but brand new (opened September 2009) and really quite beautiful architecture.  I loved the openness and all the natural light inside.  The children's area is immediately inside the doors to the left.  This could be potentially challenging as it would be easy for a case of runaway baby.  We took some time to explore the low shelves and comfy seating by the window.  I really liked the nice open bin type shelving unit filled with small board books near the tables - it made it easy for D to sort through and pick out a few he wanted to look at.

After we finished reading, we headed outdoors to explore the Park's playground.  It has equipment for ages 2-5 and 5-12.  The older group of equipment is a bit more modern - variety of climbing and spinning type pieces similar to those at Cary's Walnut Street Park.  What you won't find (to our disappointment) were any slides or swings.  The 2-5 play area was, well, in my opinion not so great.  Although it was a chilly day and we wanted a bit of warm sun, I loved the awning over this part.  How great to have shaded play when those summer days roll around again?  But there was very little to this section - a low set of monkey bars, a few raised platforms to hop across and a cool ball spinner. That latter kept D entertained for a while as he could turn a
steering wheel and watch it spin a larger plastic piece with holes that would move balls around.  In the City's defense, it is noted on their website that only Phase 1 of the park has been started and this is a temporary playground.  Hopefully they will further expand and improve the toddler area in the future.

There are bathroom facilities in a mobile unit located next to the park but note they are closed for the winter.  Facilities are available in the library during operating hours.

Leesville Community Park & Library
5105 Country Trail
Raleigh, NC 27613



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