Monday, December 27, 2010

Smart Moms - Job Placement

I was passed along a link some time ago that is worth sharing, especially as the holiday bills are coming due soon (yikes). The site is called Smart Moms and I love the idea.

Two women in Cary, NC started this service in 2003 to meet a growing need: moms who can't work fulltime with kids on board but still want to work. The jobs are mostly administrative, but they help women line up part time and virtual jobs with flexible hours at locations all across the Triangle.

I haven't personally used their services, but from what I hear it is a great area resource to know about. Beyond job listings and classifieds, Smart Moms also helps you set your resume, informs you of upcoming classes, hosts seminars, and runs an "Opportunity Expo" two times a year. The fall 2010 Opporunity Expo had over 20 vendors. Yes, there are plenty of chances to get on board with companies such as Arbonne and Amway (I know a lot of you know about those already) but Smart Moms not only can pair you with the tools to go into those stay-at-home businesses, they also entertain employers like First Citizens Bank, HIPP Engineering and Consulting, and tutoring agencies who are looking for part time help. Spring expo is coming up in March.

In summary, Smart Moms seems like a great business to me. If they sound like they could help you out, head over to their website and get in touch.


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