Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry

We already talked about, and recommended, Chapel Hill Pediatric Dentistry. Yours truly had occasion to try out Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Annelise, so now we're also recommending that! Turns out we are big fans of pediatric dentistry practices in general.

Much of our experience at Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry was similar to what Stacey "S'Rich" described, so I will try not to be repetitious. But I loved taking C to a pediatric dentist versus a "regular" dentist.

First off, the waiting room was lovely and took away the pain of containing a toddler in a small space while waiting. This room had beautiful decor, 2 small computers with some games, and toys.

After our enjoyable wait, we were taken back to the toddler examination room. Fantastic! I was concerned at the thought of going to the dentist as to how I was going to keep C in the chair. This place doesn't even ask you to try. No chair in this room. Just a completely enclosed room with toys and padded flooring. There is dental equipment of course and they computer, but out of reach. C was totally entertained until the dentist came in. Then she examined him with my help, laying him on his back with his head in her lap. She was gentle and quick, so it worked well.

As Stacey experienced, we were given a fluoride treatment and told no hard or crunchy foods for at minimum 12 hours. Which, thanks to Stace, we were prepared for.

Unlike Chapel Hill Pediatric Dentistry, though, Southern Village practice encourages parents to bring their children in every 6 months. Dr. Annelise said that she has seen children as young as 1 with cavities, so they like to stay on top of things in the dental arena.

Pediatric Dentistry isn't cheap (is any dental work?) and you have to pay upfront then submit your paperwork for reimbursement directly with your insurance company. This can be a pain, but honestly given how smooth our visit went, I love the pediatric dentistry option and it is worth it to me. At least right now, while it is so hard to get C to sit still.

Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry
410 Market Street
Suite 430
Chapel Hill, NC 27516


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