Monday, January 10, 2011

Barnes & Noble (Southpoint) Storytime

We have been all about Barnes & Noble lately. I don't know if you caught it, but we mentioned them in our Train Table Roll Call post, and in general C is obsessed with books. It is a great place to take a break from errands and let him get out energy (and it's free). But I figured I would try out their more formal entertainment events and take C to their storytime (also free).

Even though we have been using both the New Hope Commons and the Southpoint locations for our enjoyment as of late, we went to storytime at Southpoint.

The kids area is so cozy with, in addition to the train table, kid sized benches, chairs and tables as well as a little stage.

The best part of this storytime was how incredibly unstructured it was. The narrator was very talented, and did a good job keeping the older kids interested. But this is a very popular storytime, and the younger kids spent more time arguing over the train table than listening to the story. But it was all okay, and everyone was so happy.

After the completion of the story (and the stories this month are all about snow), there was a crafty activity. But with so many kids in attendance, the crafty activity has to be easy so it is usually coloring. Crayons and coloring sheets provided. The kids were pretty diligent about coloring their sheets.

I know that Barnes & Noble has branched out to selling toys now. And for some parents that is a little frustrating as it used to be a place to take your kids to be about books. But overall, we love hanging out there. I get to pump myself with some caffeine and C gets to start learning about "sharing" at the train table.

Storytime on Fridays is at 10:30 am and usually happens every Friday. Sometimes they have characters show up (Clifford is scheduled to come on Jan 28th). But they do reserve the right to change the schedule, so MiCHill recommends checking their website (below) before you go. We've been bitten by cancelled storytime here before.

It's just too bad the peppermint mocha is no longer the drink of the month....I got seriously addicted to those....

Barnes and Noble
The Streets at Southpoint
8030 Renaissance Parkway
Durham, NC


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