Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carolina Hurricanes Game

I love living in the Triangle. So many great opportunities: like the hockey games! A professional hockey team in our own backyard? Yes, please!

To cut you off at the pass: yes, hockey can be violent, and there can be fights and blood. But man if it isn't fun! It moves fast and swift. The talent of the players is unbelievable. And it is usually full of drama. It fascinates me. And a lot of kids, too! (The good news is that the cheerleaders are fully and appropriately clothed.)Hurricanes games, which happen at the RBC Center, are a lot of fun for the family. The RBC Center is a very nice, clean venue. It is open, airy, and well run. Nice changing stations in the bathrooms.

Of course, like nearly all arenas, it is also ridiculously overpriced. Onsite parking (pretty much the only thing available) is $10. And concessions, running everywhere from cotton candy, beer, wine, liquor, coffee bars, hot dogs, pizzas, BBQ joints, are also going to be expensive. But for a special once-in-awhile family outing this is a great idea.

The kids all around us, of all ages, seemed to love it. There is a lot more "game" here than at a Durham Bulls game. So not as many local, homegrown entertainment during breaks. But they still had fun music and fun games between the periods. The best parts are the crowd shots. They spend a lot of time picking people out of the crowd and flashing them up on the big screen. It is so great to see so many cute, happy kids dancing their hearts out, excited to be on the big screen.

There are a lot of home games every season, so lots of opportunities. Ticket costs per seat depend on when you go and what seats you get but are between $30 and $230. They do offer group discounts (birthday party?) as well as various season ticket plans.

DH and I went without C because of the whole bedtime thing. Combined with the fact that here, even moreso than a Bulls game, you have to stay in your seat (they actually don't let you go up and down the aisles while the puck is in play). But given how many kids were in attendance and how much fun they were having, I can't wait to take C.

I will say it made me want to pack C up immediately and head out for Stroller Skate.

* Little side note (2011): if you and your family just can't get enough hockey, Raleigh is hosting the All-Star game January 28-30.

Carolina Hurricanes


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