Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chocolaterie Stam

Updated 11/2011: Alas, it didn't take.  Chocolaterie Stam has closed its doors.
Stam had been at Chapel Hill North for years, yet I never went (I think I always got sidetracked by Margaret's and then Orange Leaf). Yet now that they are relocated to East 54 and in the flight path of Southpoint and Target for me, I am in! And C is happy about that.

Stam is an international chocolate house, with most of their locations in the Netherlands and Iowa (yeah, not sure). But Chapel Hill is lucky enough to be one of their chosen locations!

Stam has gelato, artisans chocolates, coffee drinks, hot chocolate (of course), shakes, specialty candies, and more.

I have to say, I am a bit of a gelato connoisseur now thanks to this blog and this might not be the best gelato in town, but it still passed C's test. The chocolates are, of course, delicious.

The atmosphere inside was cute -- all decked out with chandeliers and other sparkly accouterments. We sat on the big red sofa to eat our gelato. But I really look forward to the summers when East 54 starts its music series again and we can eat the gelato outside with live entertainment.

Oh, and not that you needed to know this right now if your New Year's Resolution was to lose weight or get in shape, but EVERYTHING in the store is 20% off through January. Everything.

And on that note, enjoy!

Chocolaterie Stam

1115 Environ Way
Chapel Hill


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