Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fun Zone

From Sarah C. today. We were excited when Fun Zone opened for drop-in child care services. But we were even more excited when they then opened their doors for open playtimes during the week. Whatever option you choose, the Fun Zone is, not to be poetic, fun!

**Updated - Toddler Time is no longer offered. The Fun Zone is still open on Friday & Saturday evenings for Kids' Nite Out and can be reserved for Birthday Parties. See website at bottom of post for additional information.**

It can be hard keeping toddlers entertained especially when the cold and/or wet weather limit your options. Lucky for us, the Fun Zone in downtown
Durham began offering Toddler Playtime on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:00am. Our playgroup visited last week for a bit of, well, fun!

The Fun Zone is packed with toys and crafts for all ages. Our boys ages 18-22 months were initially just running from bin to bin to see what they could find. There were plenty of matchbox cars for racing, puzzles to put together, tents to climb into (the bus one was a big hit!), a kitchen stocked with pretend foods, bean bags to sit flop on, a table filled with Little People (barn, house & castle), a wooden train set and more.

For us moms, we loved the enclosed, childproof space where our kids could play freely while we relaxed for a bit and caught up with each other. After
playtime ended, we headed immediately next door to Scratch for lunch. A delightful way to end our adventure!

If weekday fun doesn't fit your schedule, be sure to check out the Fun Zone on the weekends. They offer Friday and Saturday evening drop-in childcare (a la Green Kids) from 6:00-9:00pm. No longer can you use the lack of a sitter or last minute planning to skip a date night. Drop off the kids for fun at the Fun Zone while the parents enjoy adult fun with a quiet meal for two at any of the great restaurants within walking distance.

Check the website (listed below) for additional details as well as other offerings such as group playdates or a coordinated playdate/crafty time with the Fun Zone's sister business, Sew Crafty.

The Fun Zone
104 W. Parrish St



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