Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sleep Help: Local Resources

Let's face it. Being a parent is a sleep-depriving, exhausting experience. There are the rare babies that are born with an innate ability and desire to sleep. But most parents have to spend considerable time teaching their children how to sleep.

And every family and child is so different. If there was one final answer, every child would be sleeping soundly. But the methods, resources, and tips out there are incredibly varied.

A lot of parents and kids can find their stride with hard work, diligence, the aid of their pediatrician, and a few good books.

But for other parents and kids, professional help and services are needed. Yes, there are a lot of websites out there to help, too. You can work with people re
motely via email and phone and they can guide you. And we are certainly not discounting those on this blog! Yet sometimes nothing beats bringing someone in to see your child directly and observe.

And MiCHill just learned that 2 doulas who live in the area, and are highly esteemed by some mommas who have used their services, have started a new sleep help service.

This new service is called Lullaby Sleep.

They describe themselves as such:
"Our program synthesizes the best of many sleep methods because we've learned that just one method doesn't fit all babies and families. We assess physical, neuorological, temperamental, and family needs, combined with psychological, biological and behavioral processes, to teach healthy habits to little ones."

They specialize in children 4 months - 24 months. And given their doula experience, these ladies have seen some things and have hands-on wisdom.

Another service in the Triangle Area is called First Daze.

Described as such:
"No single approach works with all of the babies all of the time. Pam helps families find an approach that fits their child's temperament, the family's values, and one they can follow consistently. She empowers the parents and guides them in a non-judgmental way toward resolving their baby's sleep issues."

Pam Diamond is the owner of the operation, and also a doula. She further offers services in lactation consultation and post-birth home help.

Both of these professionals offer their services to clients all over the Triangle.

If none of that works or you prefer a more clinical approach, Duke Hospital's McGovern-Davison Children's Health Center has a sleep study clinic. You get in from referral from your pediatrician. You must start your child with a medical screening test (looking for common sleep problems such as asthma, allergies, acid reflux). From there, dependent on diagnosis, the treatment plan and next steps differ. But they do have an overnight program where your child sleeps overnight in a room, you in attendance, to be monitored.

Here's the thing: none of these services are going to be cheap. Duke's program may be covered by your insurance, and the in-home help will vary in cost depending on what your treatment plan ends up being. But consider it an investment in the future. Starting healthy sleep habits for the sake of the whole family.

And good luck!


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