Monday, January 24, 2011

SPCA of Wake County

From Sarah C. -- a new and creative find!

Even if you aren't looking for a new member of the family, the SPCA of Wake County is a great place to visit especially if your kids love animals. We adopted our oldest cat from the SPCA in 2000 when the adoption center was still located off Highway 70 in Garner. The new building is gorgeous and offers better accommodations for the animals as well as great viewing/visiting opportunities for two legged guests. ;)

D and I were looking for indoor (read out of the cold) ideas to keep us occupied when the thought occurred to me to visit. He loves our two cats (who run and hide from him) and gets so excited seeing the animals at Petsmart and Petco that I knew this would be a hit. Even better, here he could walk around versus being strapped into a stroller or shopping cart.

When checking the website (link below) to verify their hours, I browsed events and was thrilled to find the SPCA offers a Preschoolers & Pets program twice a month. The topic changes each month. This month we learned about the different types of homes animals have. There were various homes pictured on a felt board and the instructor pulled out images of animals. One by one the children had an opportunity to take one of the animals and place it with the corresponding home. We also sang songs complete with hand motions (did you know you can make a turtle by making a fist and sticking out your thumb?) and were given sheets & crayons with a matching game (ie, draw a line from the bird to it's house). The program is held in the retail shop at the front of the building. Admittedly, a few of the dog toys distracted D at times, but this is a relaxed class so don't worry if your child struggles to sit still and remain attentive for the entire 30 minutes.

If you are interested in attending the Preschoolers & Pets program check the SPCA's website (see below) for the day/time of the class and register to attend. The class is free but a donation of $1 per person is suggested. The donation box is located in the lobby.

Once the program ended, we were given instructions for visiting the animals. You are able to go into the cat rooms, request a visit with a dog (a volunteer will bring the dog to you in a special visiting room), peek into the cages at guinea pigs & rabbits, and pet puppies.

Knowing D's excitability, we started by just looking through the windows at the animals. Once I felt confident enough, we went into one of the cat rooms. His energy did seem to startle a some of the nappers, but only enough to barely crack an eyelid to glance his way. A few were kind enough to sit there and let him pat them.

Next we headed down the hall to see the dogs. Here we stuck to looking through the windows. Several were very excited to see us and jumped up at the windows to say hello. We saw a couple outside in one of the play yards enjoying recess. At the very back of the dog section, we found the puppies. Adorable little balls of energy! They have nice little tubs (think cinder block version of a playpen) where they can play or come up to you to say hello. It's perfect at keeping the puppies and kids apart but still allowing them to have a little interaction.

SPCA of Wake County | Humane Education for Kids
200 Petfinder Lane
(919) 772-2326



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