Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wheels Fun Park

To battle the post-holiday blues, we're getting out a lot these days. And we're making the circuit of indoor play places. Accordingly, Sarah C. and I packed up the boys and went to Wheels Fun Park.

Wheels is in 2 steel buildings in Durham. One building houses the roller rink, which we did not test for you. The other building houses the play gym. There are multiple outdoor options, too, including go-karts, putt putt, a skate park, and batting cages. Quite a lot here! 8 1/2 acres.

We paid our $5 each to get in (price varies depending on activity and age, but is not listed online, so we recommend calling ahead if you want to know before you go). Then the boys hit the 6,500 square foot play gym. This thing was amazing. I refer to it as a hamster cage for humans, but in a loving, full of amazement way. There were tubes, slides, ropes, tunnels, bounces, and ball pits all over. Like I said, absolutely amazing. Hard to describe; you're lucky we took pictures!

In the back of the room are picnic tables, arcade games (bring coins), and building blocks. Wheels thoughtfully erected a baby area that includes a little slide, rocking horse, and is entirely enclosed by a play yard.

Wheels has been around since 1977. The 80s were the heyday of my roller skating years and would have been a great fit then, too! And while Wheels has a lot to offer, it is clearly old with few updates and renovations. The play gym area was very cold (we kept our jackets on), and it was clear that the equipment had seen better days.

But our kids loved the enormous ball pit. We were fortunate as we were the only ones in the place the day we went, therefore no older kids were coming down the slides. But even if there had been more people, Wheels has plenty of space for them!

We also appreciate that this is a great place to take kids of varying ages, and is also a place the boys can grow with.

There is a concessions stand. The staff here was incredibly friendly and helpful.

They do parties and events with a pavilion outside and a large party room inside. Call if you are interested.

This place is not too far from where I am in Chapel Hill. Unless, of course, your toddler is obsessed with "I Love Trash" and you listen to that 1 song the entire way there. Then it feels like it takes forever.

We paired this with a little lunch at Foster's Market on 15/501.

Hours can vary depending on season and activities booked at Wheels (they are generally closed on Mondays) so call before going.

Wheels Fun Park
715 N. Hoover Road


At January 7, 2011 at 8:56 AM , Anonymous amy s said...

Wow. I never heard of this place but it sounds fun. I wonder if it would be good for older kids too. Probably the roller rink would be cool. Thanks for posting!

At January 7, 2011 at 9:02 AM , Blogger chapelhillmom said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for the comment! There is a lot here for older kids, too. The indoor playgym actually is quite high and complex, so our toddlers were limited to the ball pit and some smaller objects. There is still a lot to explore. The only other kids we saw when we were there were around 7 yo and were having a blast.

So between the play gym, the arcade games, the pool tables, and the roller rink, lots for older kids. Even more once the weather warms up!


At February 19, 2012 at 8:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are lucky that you went and there was no one else there. My husband took my four-year-old there today and he described it as Lord of The Flies.


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