Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bear Rock Cafe - Morrisville

** Update October 2012: Bear Rock Cafe in Morrisville has closed. **

From Sarah C. We miss Bear Rock in UMall, but luckily you still have the opportunity to hit this family-friendly restaurant (where kids sometimes dine free!) elsewhere in the Triangle. Check it out:

As the mom of a toddler, I confess, I prefer quick eat options when we dine out. D isn't going to handle a wait or sitting still for very long. He's also in that picky selective eating stage. For whatever reason, my kid will not eat chicken nuggets so we need other choices.

A restaurant I loved even pre-parenthood is Bear Rock Cafe in Morrisville. All food is made-to-order. You order & pay at the counter, find a seat and then wait for your name to be called. Our most recent visit was on a Saturday night. There were a few diners and one couple ahead of us ordering. The only slow factor in our food arriving was the fact DH ordered a burger (which I might add he said was delicious). D was quite content waiting as there is plenty to see from the decor to a fire going in the fireplace. Oh, yes, and there is one tv which we chose to sit near, but you could easily position your family so it is out of view.

Their kid's meals have always been a success for us - D digs right in. Honestly, I think the kids get it good. Those meals are packed! He had a big helping of mac 'n cheese, bag of chips, bowl of fresh fruit, child size cookie and a drink. We brought the chips and leftover mac 'n cheese home for later. The best part of all of this food (besides him eating so well), the price - free. That's right, on Saturday & Sunday, kid's eat free (limit 2). On weekdays after 4pm, kid's meals are just 99 cents each.

Other good things to know - there are fun nights such as live music and kid's night. Check their Facebook page (see link below) for announcements. The bathrooms have changing tables. And they offer free WiFi for all those as addicted to their smart phones as I am. ;)

Bear Rock Cafe | Bear Rock Morrisville on FB
Park Place Shopping Center
9575 Chapel Hill Rd

(919) 462-1587



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