Thursday, February 17, 2011

Davis Drive Park - Cary

The return of beautiful weather means the return of park explorations by Sarah C.: 

I've driven by Davis Drive Park numerous times, but never actually stopped until recently.  It was one of those unplanned afternoons that took D and me down Davis Drive for a treat at Goodberry's (ie, save us from the darkness of teething).  Realizing we weren't too far, I got our frozen custard to go and we headed to the park to enjoy it and spend some time playing. 

There are two parking lots.  We chose the one at the main entrance which is accessed at the stoplight at Davis Drive and Park Village Drive.  The parking lot here sits between soccer field 1 and the shelter/playground area.

Our first stop, naturally, was the playground.  We found a bench there to enjoy our treat and watch the other children playing.  Of course, it didn't take long before D was running over to explore the play structure even with the temptation of the frozen custard (he did come back for a few more bites).

The structure has two sections - one clearly for the younger age group which he easily climbed and managed the slide on his own.  He tried to climb up a tunnel (not sure it's meant for heading up or a slide to come down) that connects the two sections of the structure.  Honestly, I was glad he wasn't able to make it as his daredevil instinct and my protective mommy don't always agree - this kept him from getting too high off the ground.  There were swings (regular and bucket) and the mecca of all to him - a metal train climbing structure in a sand box.  This is where we spent most of our time tossing handfuls of sand into the air.

Then we decided to do a bit of exploring.  We wandered around checking out the basketball court and walking the loop around the soccer fields past the second parking lot.  It had excitement enough for a toddler in that he could watch older kids kicking a ball on one of the fields while we walked.  But then the best thing happened.  A train came past.  There are tracks just a few feet from the path on the back side of the park so we stopped and just watched.  I don't think D moved - just stared and pointed.  I can't guarantee one every visit, but it certainly is unexpected fun if your visit times right.

The soccer fields are available for use when not scheduled for activities.  Be aware that there are soccer games many weekends as these fields are used by the Capital Area Soccer League which can mean full parking lots so plan accordingly.  There is only one basketball court.  The shelter by the main entrance has a covered area with picnic tables as well as restrooms (no changing tables) and a water fountain.  For those who really want to stretch their legs a bit more, there is an access to White Oak Creek Greenway directly across Davis Drive.

Davis Drive Park
Town of Cary - Davis Drive Park
1610 Davis Drive



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