Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fleming Clothing

There is a children's clothing designer who has set up shop in our area, and we are delighted to tell you about her.

Fleming Samuels has opened and runs Fleming Clothing out of her place in Knightdale. The entire shop is online, and all of the clothes are handmade. So here's how it works:

You head to the website and pick the article of clothing you want. The selection of articles to start with are not huge, but these are clothes that are made by hand so that makes sense. You will certainly find enough to get something to tickle your fancy. There are the cutest little jumpers and dresses for girls; for boys there are overalls and jackets and collared shirts.

Once you select the piece of clothing you want, and the size, you then get to design it all on your own!

Through the very impressive online system, you get an image of the piece of clothing. Then you pick swatches for each side of the piece and the image changes to show you how it looks.

Here is a snapshot of the process:

There are quite a few fabric options, and each time I went on more were added, so it can be hard to choose!

Fleming Clothing offers exceptional customer service, too. Turns out, I did a bad job picking my own fabrics (it's ok, that's why I did a blog and not an online clothing shop). Fleming herself got in touch with me to go over the choices and make other recommendations she thought I would be happier with.

No, the clothes are not cheap. But with Easter Sunday around the corner or whatever other special occasions you may have on the horizon, this is a great place to get custom, locally-made, one-of-a-kind cute clothes.

Fleming will also come to houses to do shows for groups (and hosts earn discounts).

I can't wait to get the little jacket I ordered for C. I will be sure to share when it arrives!

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