Tuesday, February 15, 2011

General Store Cafe

**Update 1/27/12 the General Store Cafe has closed.**

Sarah C. got her family dining out this past weekend, and I did, too! But this set of Whos went to Pittsboro and had a fantastic time at the General Store Cafe.

DH and I had been here before on dates (it pairs quite nicely with a stop at the Pittsboro Lowe's should you be shopping for sinks for your house renovations). But this past weekend we gave brunch a go with C in tow. C is a notoriously bad diner-out-er. He hates to sit still. So when we can enjoy a meal at a restaurant as a family you can know it has been put through some serious tests. And this place passed!

General Store Cafe is huge. It occupies what used to be a car dealership, so the space is completely unique and large! In the front is a small cafe area under large windows and floursecent lights that radiate out from a central point on the ceiling. Behind that is a take-out counter. Then behind that the space opens up into a back bar, a music stage, a dance floor, and more and more seating. This is where we dined as there was live music for Sunday brunch. (Note that the music schedule is posted online, see below, and if you want to ensure you see live acts when you go, check beforehand. Music on Sunday mornings is not a given, but does happen when acts are available.)

The music was easy-going and light, which complimented our meals. There were a lot of other families dining here which meant lots of kids. There was also a dance floor and lots of space so C could wander and dance and no one minded. And some of our very smart blog-cadets might notice that those are Paperhand Puppets hanging in the back corner of the stage.

General Store Cafe has fantastic food. It prides itself on local and farm fresh food. And it is absolutely tasty and delicious. I mean, their burritos still don't have us addicted as much as Carrburito's, but you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu here. I had huevos rancheros and it was perfect. There is a kids menu and the fresh seasonal fruit is actually fresh (no peaches in juice here).

Inside the decor is eclectic and jam packed with candy for the eye. The General Store Cafe stocks art by local artists, most of it for sale, and the wares are packed in every nook and cranny. It is beautiful. It also gives kids a lot to look at.

We love The General Store Cafe, especially during live music. This place is truly unique.

The General Store Cafe
39 West Street


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