Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home Activities

Ok, the weather is getting chiiiiilly again. And while we love bringing you ideas of things you can do to get out; what about things you can do inside your house, hunkered down, without having to put on 5 layers of clothing to leave?

My mommies group and I have, over the years, been compiling our go-to list of places to get at-home activities and crafts for kids. And while this isn't a "local" post, we thought you might find it useful. (Bear in mind that our kids are still on the younger end of the spectrum, so if you have anything for older ones you want to share, please pass along.)

Get Artsy-
First Art: Art for Toddlers and Twos.
by Mary Ann Kohl.
This book is great! With various ways to get your kids involved in art activities of all sorts, it is easy to follow. You may have to do some stocking up of your craft wares in order to take advantage of these, but there are all sorts of ideas.

Mary Ann Kohl has 13 award-winning books encouraging kids to get artsy and providing parents tools to help them. If you have kids older than tots or twos, check out some of her others like Scribble Art or even Science Arts (which pairs science and art together).

The Artful Parent.
This woman is so creative it constantly amazes me. She offers art ideas and projects for kids from tot to elementary school. She kind of drives me nuts since her toddler art groups always look so sanguine and successful, while we usually have total chaos, but there are some great ideas here.


The Busy Book series
by Trish Kuffner.
The Toddler's Busy Book I have this one out on our end table in the living room. A fabulous reference with 365 activities that range in style and level. We can always find something around the house to integrate into one of these genius time-wasting moments.

Here are her other books:
The Wiggle & Giggle Busy Book 365 activities for preschoolers and toddlers
The Arts & Crafts Busy Book 365 art activities for preschoolers and toddlers
The Preschooler's Busy Book 365 activities for 3-6 year olds

My Delicious Ambiguity.
There is so much information on here it is almost overwhelming. But the good news is that there is so much information on here! With free printables, "busy bag" ideas, and a compilation of great crafts from around the Internet, this site is bursting with activities for your kids.

Disney's Family Fun.
Both the magazine and the website ( have great articles on how to keep kids occupied. These actually skew more towards the older kids. I like the magazine a little better just as an ease-of-reference point, but the website has a lot of information. Be wary: this is a Disney product and they are no fools so will try to market you towards Disney products and videos (not that I don't love those).

Whatever place you find or resource you use, remember that while we love for you to get out and explore the Triangle, home can be fun, too.


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