Monday, February 7, 2011

Mardi Gras Bowling

On a wet, rainy day, my friend and I were trying to think outside the box as to how to entertain the kids. We knew Kidzu would be packed (oh when oh when do they move into the larger space?), and didn't feel like hitting the road out to the indoor playgyms. So we decided to take them bowling!

If you want to family bowl, Mardi Gras Bowling is your place. This is a locally owned place on the corner of 54 and 40. (By the way, if this location isn't convenient, the same folks own Village Lanes on North Hardee Street in Durham).

It is very clean here, and there is a lot of entertainment for the whole family. (This assumes that mom & dad are okay bowling without a pitcher of beer, this is a dry establishment. Turns out I am actually better at bowling with beer. Hm.)

For toddlers, they have bumpers on the lanes and ramps to support the balls. So the kids, with help, place the balls on the ramps, push them down, and watch them go. For older kids, you can have birthday parties that include glow in the dark bowling with music videos of stars like Justin Bieber playing (sorry parents if you are looking to get a Bieber break). You can also do laser/disco light bowling every Wednesday night for Family Fun night. On weekends and weeknights Mardi Gras has a live DJ.

My little guy had a some sensory overload when we first arrived: lights, music, noise, a lot of kids. But he calmed down eventually and managed to bowl a fairly decent game. Go C!

There is a very nice arcade area here that is popular with kids. Quarters required to play, you get tickets to cash in for toys at the end.

There is a cafe with standard concessions such as pizza, popcorn, candy, soda, nachos, fries, etc.

Weekdays are $1 cheaper to play than weekends. Weekdays until 5pm are $3.99 per game for adults and $3.69 for kids. Weeknights and weekends it is $4.99 per game regardless of age. Shoes are always $3.79 to rent (the smallest size they have is kids 7) and we were all required to rent shoes. Always check online (see below) before you go as they are frequently offering coupons.

By the by, we opted not to do concessions at Mardi Gras Bowl but stopped by Lickity Split on the way home. Highly recommend that!

Mardi Gras Bowling Center
6118 Farrington Road
Chapel Hill


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