Monday, February 21, 2011

Morrisville Aquatics & Fitness Center

Sarah C. took me with her to this fun (and cheap!) pool in Morrisville. Like Triangle SportsPlex, there is an indoor wading pool, which is a rare find. Here is her write up:

There's an amazing little gem hiding in Morrisville. The Town's Parks & Recs department runs an aquatic and fitness center that anyone is welcome to use. It offers fitness facilities (cardio equipment, weights); an aerobics studio where you can enjoy instructional classes; basketball, tennis & racquetball courts; sauna and year round lap and wading pools.

Allison and I took the boys there recently for a swim. The pools are indoors with the help of a dome during the colder months and outdoors during the warmer months. We weren't quite sure what to expect temperature wise, but were pleasantly surprised. A thermometer in the room showed the air temp at 81 and the water in both pools was very warm and comfortable.

We absolutely loved the wading pool. It was larger than we expected. Each end is 1 foot deep with the center lowering to 2 feet so our boys could easily walk around and play. The entire area is separated from the lap pool with a fence and gate. We lucked out and had the wading pool to ourselves for our visit giving the boys plenty of room to splash to their heart's content.

D kept eyeing (okay even trying to escape to - yay for the fence!) the lap pool so he and I went to explore it a bit. There are 4 lanes and the pool varies in depth from 3 feet to 5 feet. There is a life guard on duty for this pool (note: there is no lifeguard for the wading pool).

There are nice locker room facilities featuring lockers and showers, even if they are not directly attached to the pool. You will have to suit up in the locker room then walk back through the lobby to enter the pool (so bring a nice cover up). Located across the hall is a family locker room. It is a single room with bench, sink, toilet and shower.  The locker rooms had changing tables.

Pay per visit or buy a membership. Children under age 3 are free with a paying adult. Adults and children 13+ are $4 each for residents and $6 each for nonresidents. Seniors and children under 12 are $2 each for residents and $3 each for nonresidents. See website (links below) for details.

Note: the pool is closed twice yearly for set up and removal of the dome. Typically the closings occur in April and October. Check the pool schedule (see contact info below) to ensure it is open when you want to visit. The spring 2011 closing dates are tentatively set for April 4 - 15.

Morrisville Aquatics & Fitness Center | Fees (PDF)
1301 Morrisville Parkway



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