Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NC Craft Gallery

I love shopping for kids stuff. It is all so cute, and also brings back so many memories of my childhood (which was good!). So when I find a local store that sells beautiful toys, blankets, and clothes made by NC artisans, I am a happy camper.

NC Craft Gallery is located in downtown Carrboro. They have a rotating exhibit section of the gallery that features the works of NC artist. But beyond that, they also have handcrafted toys to sell. The wares differ depending on what they are able to stock, but I have bought a beautiful blanket here, clothing for a little girl, and C received a treasured wood train as a gift from the NC Craft Gallery.

Items here range anywhere from twenty dollars to hundreds of dollars. There is something for every style and budget.

Of course, you might not want to shop here with your child if they are like a bull in a china shop...there are some very unique, breakable things in this store.

But don't overlook this little gem when you are out shopping! You might be surprised.

NC Craft Gallery
212 W. Main Street



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