Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pittsboro Kiwanis Playground

I found it: the perfect playground for kids 5 & under. And it's in Pittsboro.

This playground was renovated in 2009 and has everything. There are huge sails to create great shade. It is entirely fenced in. The ground cover is a spongy material, which dries fast, keeps things clean, and it doesn't seem to get too hot. But this playground is really great because of the surprises it offers. In addition to the tot-sized play gym that is completely safe for young ones, there are other things here to delight. There are musical instruments to play; a toy house; swings, including bucket swings; and a couple of ride on toys, 2 of which are carved out of wood.

Something completely unexpected is the space for the really little ones. Yes, there is a spot for crawlers or new walkers. It is fenced in (separately from the rest of the playground). It also has soft synthetic ground cover. It is completely covered in a shade sail, and has instruments and tactile toys close to the ground.

And whoever designed this playground was very creative. There is a lot of nature to this park, and it is beautiful. The sandboxes (2 of them) are large, sandy areas integrated into the landscape. There are huge tree stumps artfully arranged to create a different kind of jungle gym. There is even a boulder garden for climbing on. Apparently this work was done in the renovations by local tradesmen.

Again, this is mostly geared towards kids 5 and under. But it is the perfect park for kids that age. It has even gained national recognition for its design.

This is close to General Store Cafe, Chatham Marketplace, and Pittsboro Toys. So you can make a great spring day outing to Pittsboro and this little park.

Pittsboro Kiwanis Playground
309 Credle Street


At February 16, 2011 at 7:51 PM , Anonymous Colleen said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to check it out.


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