Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tomato Jake's Pizzeria

We are pretty picky about what restaurants we include here on MiCHill. But even though Tomato Jake's doesn't include a specific kid's spot or area, many of you have mentioned how great it is for kid-dining. And Stacey "S'Rich" and I tested it out. We're happy to say we had a great time here.

Tomato Jake's is a pizzeria. We caught a lunch special very similar to Pop's: a very large slice of pizza, a fountain drink, and a salad for $8. It's a walk-up counter sort of place. They do, of course, have a kids menu, booster seats, and high chairs. Changing table in the restroom.

Tomato Jake's has such a laidback, fun atmosphere that our boys really enjoyed it. There was even a little stage for them to test their performance skills. The particular day we went for lunch it wasn't crowded so our boys got to explore the restaurant. And the staff was very friendly and relaxed about it. Obviously, not so sure how that would have worked had it been a crowded day!

There are a lot of tvs on the walls here, so be wary if you are anti-dining-with-tv-on (is there a better phrase for that?). But Tomato Jake's hosts sport-watching events and has a nice bar area, so it comes with the territory. That said, this place does not scream "sports bar." It does scream casual, laidback dining that kids enjoy.

Monday nights are Kid's nights: cheap pizza slices for kids, balloon animals and other occasional entertainment.

Wednesday nights, starting at 8 pm, is Trivia Night. I have read that it can get quite crowded. Not sure how that would shake out for family dining (it could be great fun or irritatingly crowded) but I give you the heads up!

Tomato Jake's delivers within a certain radius of their store (and includes Woodcroft Parkway).

Let me say that no, the pizza isn't the best slice you can get in the Triangle. But given the location and how family-friendly it is, I feel it is worth checking out on your next Target stop, at least!

Tomato Jake's Pizzeria
8202 Renaissance Parkway


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