Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wine and Design

Update 3/2012:  Wine & Design has been so successful they have opened a second location in Carrboro, known as Wine & Design Chapel Hill.  See address below.
Update 1/2012: Wine & Design moved a few doors down into 219 Bickett Blvd (information reflected in address below).
I am no Picasso, I know, but boy do I love trying. Luckily, Wine and Design in Raleigh gives you the tools and creates the space for you to get your art on. And for 2 hours I felt like an artist.

The concept of Wine and Design is great: you pick your class online (picking based on which painting you like- the entire class does the same painting), you pay a fee and join in an art class. For your fee you are given all the supplies and a great teacher who walks you step by step through the creation of the painting.

You are then given the option to bring your own wine and hors d'oeuvres. Wine and Design makes it easy for you as they provide corkscrews, wine chillers, napkins, and plastic cups for your wine. They encourage you to bring some juice to fuel your creativity.

This was a ton of fun for us. Wine and Design focuses on making art accessible and fun. In fact, they only have 3 rules, and they are "there are no mistakes," "don't put your paint brush in your wine" and "have fun." A place like that is going to be great!

The class was packed, and a lot of groups had brought quite impressive spreads of food with them. It was nice that the instructor was so helpful. She came to everyone's canvas multiple times to help, and answered any and all questions. She and her assistant were also very encouraging, making us feel like we were totally rocking out our tree leaves.

Everyone left with a completed painting. I was amazed at how different the variations were on the same image (check out their Facebook page and the end-of-class group shots to see what I mean).

I was going to tag this "For Mom" as this makes a fantastic Girls' Night Out, but they also offer classes and parties for kids. The focus at these is not so much the wine, of course. And you can have a kids' birthday party here. We saw some of the art from those parties displayed and it was great.

Also, Wine and Design does a couples night, and the themes here run the gambit. The one I found funny was the one where you sit across from each other and paint each other Picasso-style. Ha, I can totally see that fueling some arguments ('you think my eyes are that uneven?').

One very sweet thing you can sign up to do is portraiture. You send in ahead of time a picture of your child or other loved one and then you paint that.

Overall, Sarah C. and I had a blast. This made for such a great night out, and we highly recommend it. And we're proud of our final pieces:

Wine and Design
219 Bickett Blvd

200 North Greensboro Street


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