Monday, February 28, 2011

World's Largest Gummy Bears

From Sarah C.:

One of the things I love about the Triangle? The unique little tidbits like being home to the World's Largest Gummy Bear. Since we both have a rather large sweet tooth, Allison and I felt it was only proper that we seek out this larger than life, colorful bear and see it for ourselves.

We took the boys to Crabtree Valley Mall and stopped by Popalop's Candy Shop next to the food court. The window display housed a little homage to the bear and just inside the shop were plenty of signs stating "Home of the World's Largest Gummi Bears" that assured we were in the right place. There were a few smaller gummy bears on sticks placed along the top of the candy displays. Those looked good and pretty big, but were nothing compared to the real thing. The "World's Largest" were in a display case by the register. To give you a reference point - they are larger than a football! And they looked quite tasty (no, we didn't buy one but we did get some of the smaller gummies they make and those were delicious!).

A few fun facts about the World's Largest Gummy Bears ...
  • They are made in Raleigh at a plant that is about the size of a football field.
  • They weigh about 5 pounds (that's a lot of gummy!).
  • They are best eaten in slices - I see a future birthday idea there.
  • The owners came up with the idea as children watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • You can buy one for $29.95 plus tax.
The bears also come in smaller sizes from half pound down to the tiny gummy size you are probably more accustomed too. If bears aren't your thing, they have a variety of other gummies from snakes and frogs to brains and tongues all made by GGB of Raleigh.

Popalop's Candy Shop sells the gummies along with a vast selection of other sugary goodness.

GGB of Raleigh, LLC

Popalop's Candy Shop
Crabtree Valley Mall
4325 Glenwood Ave



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