Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Balloons & Tunes

We believe in being fashionably late here in my house. Many of you mentioned Balloons & Tunes in Carrboro after we did our Balloons Above Orange post this past summer. Without waiting too much longer, here is the post!

Balloons & Tunes is in downtown Carrboro, next to the NC Craft Gallery. It has been around for years, and has a variety of offerings.

There are, of course, balloons to buy. They even have a 4 foot tall Elmo balloon to sell you. Fantastic!

There are also a lot of little baubles and trinkets, for cheap, to buy as party favors. These run the gambit of style and age range. Balloons & Tunes also has a limited selection of party plates, napkins, party hats, streamers, etc.

The selection of single mylars for sale wasn't as diverse as Balloons Above Orange. But the real thing that Balloons & Tunes has going for it is its balloon creations. If you Google the business (no website) you will see pictures of party creations like balloons arches and more that they have created and delivered.

The other thing that makes this shop so great? How incredibly nice and helpful the staff is. These ladies were so sweet and genuinely interested in how they could meet my needs. Which is a great reminder why local business is such a great thing to support.

Balloons & Tunes
208 West Main Street


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