Friday, March 4, 2011

For Mom: Studio 91

It seems I have been on a wine and art kick lately. Trying to class myself up after a day of flung food and playground dirt I guess. So when Studio 91 moved to the Glen Lennox area, I thought it would be a great night out with some ladies.

Studio 91 was in Meadowmont for years (and years). Yet it kept a low profile. Recently they moved to Glen Lennox, near Jujube and Bin 54. Which means you might notice it as you drive by.

It's an unassuming front. Yet inside the owners have tried to merge art and wine into a fun experience. From their website: "Our philosophy @ Studio 91 is to create that comfortable, welcoming neighborhood place where the atmosphere to view & buy art is non-intimidating. And the boutique wine selections are a welcoming change from the ordinary restaurant wine list."

There is art all over, tastefully arranged. And there is a fantastic wine list to chose from, by the glass or by the bottle. The wine selection changes monthly and on some nights you can tasting flights. Not a lot of food here, as it isn't a restaurant, but you can get some savories such as cheese plates, meat platters, and more. All of which were surprisingly delicious!If you are really digging on a piece of art, you can certainly speak to someone about purchasing. Think of it as an investment.

Studio 91 offers a Lounge, too, for VIP members. This Lounge is open to members only, who become so by paying an annual fee. You have access to the Lounge at all times, it has free wi-fi, 2 huge flat screen tvs, and you can order food from Bin 54 and Jujube and have it brought to you. If you are a Lounge member you can bring in up to 7 guests at 1 time or otherwise you have 1 complimentary room rental. I am still waiting on someone to invite me....

If you are really a oenophile (that is a word, right?) Studio 91 offers wine lockers for rent and a wine library club.

Check online (see below) before you go since Studio 91 is always offering fun deals and specials. As of this posting, if you go for a Ladies Night Out here after 7:30 pm you get free truffles.

There are tables outside for seating in nice weather, although you can't really take in the art that way.

You don't need to know anything about wine to visit!

I have to say that we enjoyed our Girls' Night Out here. And lest the gentlemen think we don't think about them, this would also make a great date night. No we didn't spend time really perusing the art, but we did take it in and talk about some pieces, which isn't too shabby. The atmosphere is cozy (even not inside the spiffy Lounge). The wine was very nice, but of course you pay a little more for better wine. The food, although not intended to be filling, was quite tasty. Parking at Glen Lennox is always a bear, of course, but it's worth it for a swanky night out.

Studio 91 Fine Art Gallery

Open Wednesdays - Saturdays

1201 Raleigh Road
Suite H
Chapel Hill


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