Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pump It Up

It seems like there is a battle in the Triangle area: what is the best indoor play gym? Who has the best inflatables, the best location, the best price, and the best overall experience!?

Ugh. We have no idea. But we have been to quite a few indoor play spaces here at MiCHill, and I can say that we thought Pump It Up was great. We went there for a Pop In playtime.

Located close to Brier Creek, there are lots of other reasons to head to this area. And it wasn't too hard to get to.

Inside there are two large rooms, both open for play. There are inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and bounces with big boxing gloves and basketball hoops. Nothing is themed, a la TK's Jungle, but it was all really clean.

There were two parent lounges, one in each room. And while there weren't massage chairs, a la Monkey Joe's, there were tables, chairs, very nice tvs with dish service, and free wi-fi.

C and D were some of the smaller kids there, but it was completely enjoyable for them. Only one of the inflatables felt like it was only for older kids.

Just as enjoyable to the kids were the hoops for play. These had nothing to do with any of the bounces. These were just play hoops that were small and could be rolled around. Big hit.

What we liked best about Pump It Up is that it seems relatively undiscovered (shh, don't tell anyone). We were worried as when we checked in the guy at the front desk said that there were "a lot" of kids checking in. But really, it was fairly empty. And it felt so quiet! Of course there were generators running to keep things inflated, but other than that it seemed relatively calm.

No staff overseeing play. It's up to parents to monitor their children.

Very limited concessions, but no food or drinks allowed in the play arenas anyhow.

Socks required.

We paid $7 per child to play, and we could stay for a total of two hours, although we didn't last that long.

Limited hours that change, so check online schedule before you go. (Note that even though it looks like open play is 1 hour sessions, you just show up when you want, pay the 1time entrance fee, and you can play as long as you want until open play time ends.)

Pump It Up does a lot of neat events, including a fundraiser that is coming up, and a program called Jump N Art. They offer a variety of birthday party packages.

Pump It Up
10700 World Trade Blvd.
Suite 112


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