Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

So a friend recommended Tutti Frutti, the frozen yogurt place in Hope Valley Square, to me as a place our blog readers should know about. And since it doesn't take much to convince me to try out a sweet shop, Sarah C. and I were there the next day. Like I said: I like my ice cream. Good thing I work out.

This place is great! This is the Orange Leaf for this side of town. You walk in, pick your yogurt flavor out of the many, many options on the wall (you can mix and match); pick your toppings out of everything from sauces to fruits to candies; then you pay based on weight (they subtract out the weight of the cup).

This was soooo tasty and I have to say may give Local Yogurt a run for their money. The create-your-own aspect of this is a hit with kids.

I like that it is frozen yogurt so the guilt factor for me as we look towards swimsuit season isn't as intense. Vanilla says "Fat Free" on it. Yippee! Of course, I put peanut butter cups on it but is short....

There is seating inside, very modern. There are big white chairs, bench seats, and glass-topped tables. Alas, only one high chair. There is also some seating outside which will be nice when the weather turns warmer.

Things to pair your visit to Tutti Frutti with: pizza at Pop's Backdoor South or Durham's Southwest Regional Library. Rick's Diner and Only Burger's standalone shop are also in this shopping center.


Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt
Hope Valley Square
3710 Shannon Road


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