Monday, March 7, 2011

Woodcroft Club Pool

I can't believe I am writing a post about a pool when I just got back from a ski vacation. But nevertheless, here it is. Pool memberships go quick in these parts, and it's time to plan and apply!

For outdoor pools, we have already covered The Y at Meadowmont, Southern Village's Pool, Chapel Hill Tennis Club, Lake Johnson Pool & Sprayground in Raleigh, and the free pool at Hargraves.

And in Woodcroft is a community pool with a really awesome slide that we also need to let you know about.

The Woodcroft Pool is large, so it can accommodate a lot of people. There is a beautiful 98-foot slide (which rivals the the Kraft Family Y slide), gazebos for shade, two diving boards, lounge chairs, tennis courts, the playground and trail system nearby, and a clubhouse. The facilities aren't the newest or the most modern, but they work. There are swim teams and meets here.Woodcroft Pool membership gets you membership to the Woodcroft Club, which means activities year-round. In fact, if you aren't interested in the pool at all but want to take advantage of the poker nights, kids' lessons, move nights, camps, and more you can sign up for a social membership.

Memberships are available right now. And they are running a special waiving initiation fees. However, since Woodcroft is a club and not just a pool, membership fees are assessed year-round and not just once. But then you get benefits for the entire year, so it's a trade-off. There are all sorts of options for pricing, see the links below or call. You do not have to be a resident of Woodcroft community to join this club.

By the by, little insider's tip but if you take the Healthy Moms class at the Woodcroft Pool you get in to the pool that day for free and yes, you can take your child down the slide!

Woodcroft Club Pool | 2011 Membership Brochure
1203 Woodcroft Parkway


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