Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cary's Spring Daze

I achieved the nearly impossible: I got lost at Bond Park during a festival. Ok, though, to my credit I wasn't the only one. I heard a LOT of other families talking about where they parked, scratching their heads, and looking at a map. You see, the Cary Spring Daze festival is that big.

Primarily an arts & crafts festival, there are a slew of artists' booths here. The number is just shy of 200 indvidual artists in all kinds of media and formats including jewelry, clothing, furniture, wood turning, photography and more. Luckily you can find what you might want as the program breaks everything down in an index by type of art and tells you where you to find them (unfortunately no "You Are Here" feature on that). And, of course, there are non-artist tents too for things such as cultural arts, health & fitness, and even a spa tub company.

Carolina Parent provided a very fun Lazy Daze Children's Village. Using the existing playground (which you can read all about in our blog post), they created a place for kids to be. Surrounding the playground were arts & crafts tents for kids to get hands on as well as get some giveaways. The bee antennae giveaways, the Chick-fil-A tent which had some coloring, and the Triangle Mommies tent which had some great art projects as well as a lotto for a very neat ride-on truck.

There are 4 main entertainment stages, including a Storyteller Pavilion. When we went there was a standing drum circle (that claimed went all day, which seems incredible given the energy require) and other "roving entertainers" in costumes throughout the event. C liked the silver drummer girl and the balloon animal guy.

And, speaking of things for kids, there were other things for the kids beyond the Children's Village. There was face painting, temporary tattoos, and a Sports Zone that had inflatables and sports challenges (are you beginning to see why I got lost?).

Lots of food options here, too. Z pizza was even represented, yum! But the biggest hit with my entourage was the Carolina Kettle Corn. Not only was it super fun to see made, but it was so delicious.

This is a pretty popular event, so it can feel kind of crowded in areas, and traffic to get in and out of the park can be a bit of a beast (especially on a nice day before lunch). The good news is that there is a lot of space so other areas you feel like no one else is there, and the parking and traffic is very well-led and organized so it moved quickly.

Bring a stroller for your child. Although there is plenty of space to walk and it is completely kid-friendly, the odds are they'll get tired and want a lift since there is a lot of ground to cover.

Entry and parking was completely free. So it's up to you after that to decide how much you want to spend. We only spent $2 on some kettle corn. Not a bad pricetag at all for such a fantastic day.

This is an annual event, but well worth checking out next year! And given that it has been going 18 years strong already, I am sure it has many more years left in it. And by the way, Cary's Lazy Daze Festival is similar and happens in late August.

Cary Spring Daze
annual arts & crafts event April or May in Cary


At May 16, 2011 at 7:51 PM , Anonymous Brittany said...

Great write up on the Spring Daze! Thanks for the shout out to! We had a blast!


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