Sunday, April 3, 2011

Garden Supply Company

From Sarah C.:

Finally spring weather has returned!  Taking advantage of the warmth and sun plus the need/want/desire for a few new plants, my family headed yesterday afternoon to Garden Supply Company in Cary.  It's a wonderful place to visit year round even if just to wander and window shop.

The plants and garden decor (think fun rustic rails, water displays, statues and more) are spread across the property.  Gravel paths wind throughout making for a great spot to walk with a curious toddler.  D enjoyed roaming and was especially excited when he caught sight of one of the cats.  The cat clearly knows his territory though as he disappeared into some shrubs in a flash.

As we made our way along, we came upon a small play area featuring a play set and two metal structures.  Love this detail and I'm sure many children are also grateful to have a spot set aside specifically for them. We spent a few minutes here exploring before moving on in search of plants for our yard.

One of the things I love about Garden Supply Co is the helpful employees.  We found a lady who listened to our needs and walked with us to the right area.  She showed us several plants that fit the bill then gave us time alone to discuss and choose.

Once our decision was made, we carried our selection inside the store to pay.  Truthfully, this is the one area where a watchful eye on a smaller child is necessary as there are quite a few breakables.  I need to take an afternoon to myself to revisit and explore the store more.  Beyond the indoor plants and gardening necessities are a plethora of fun decor items for your garden and home.

Garden Supply Co is worth a visit no matter the time of year - spring plants, fall pumpkins, Christmas trees plus the decorations to go with it all - there is plenty to see.  They also host events throughout the year that are fun for the entire family.  Check their website (listed below) for more information.

Garden Supply Company
1421 Old Apex Road



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