Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Henry's Gelato

From Sarah C.:

Hot days always have me thinking of cool, sweet treats. Ok, who am I kidding? I always love a good sweet treat, but this recent warmth has me thinking the colder variety which meant I had (for the blog's sake, of course) to taste test Henry's Gelato.

and I dropped in for a little mommy/son date night. I let him pick the table and his seat which meant he lined himself up square with the flat panel tv on the wall. Seeing as we were out on a weeknight having a treat, we might as well live it up. It was perfect kids' entertainment - the movie An American Tail was playing (any other readers recall that one?).

The two of us split a kid's size gelato which is the smallest of the 3 sizes offered. It was a good sized scoop of gelato topped with a waffle cone triangle. Probably the hardest part was deciding on a flavor. They all looked delicious! I finally settled on Fudge Brownie as I knew it was one we would both enjoy. It was the perfect evening treat and not too hard on my middle as gelato is lower in calories & fat than ice cream. Now that's something I can definitely love.

And here's an extra fun tidbit for those with the four legged kids as well - Henry's Gelato now serves a special dairy-free peanut butter gelato for dogs called K-9 Krunch. No kidding. Your dog does need to enjoy his/her treat outdoors but they have a nice seating area complete with a water bowl.

Henry's Gelato
Preston Walk
1063 Darrington Drive
See website for additional locations.



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