Monday, April 18, 2011

Hope Valley Baptist Church Playground - Durham

From Laura today. We are getting all over the Triangle nowadays just for you!:

Let’s talk playgrounds! I’m so excited to introduce y’all to one of our favorite spots in Southwest Durham - The Hope Valley Baptist Church Playground. I know what you’re thinking . . . I thought the same thing when my friends and I first discovered this fabulous find back when S was 18 months old . . . there’s a playground back there?! Why, yes, friends! There is. Tucked away in the trees, behind the church, you will find a fantastic playground, open to the public and fun for kids of all ages.

There are two play structures - one for “little” kids (the sign says ages 2-5) and the other for “big” kids (ages 5-12). There are slides of all shapes and sizes, tunnels, climbing ladders and walls on both structures. The “big kid” playground also has a balance beam, climbing mushrooms and (eek!) monkey bars. After two summers of hanging out on the smaller playset, S, at age 3.5, has ventured over to the “big kid” playground and is having a blast . . . and giving her momma a heart attack. ;) Both playsets have their own set of swings, bucket and sling, and the “little kid” playground sits near a covered sandbox. There are a few benches, small picnic tables and a garbage can, making HVBC great for a picnic lunch.

The “little kid” and “big kid” playsets are separated by a chain-link fence within a larger fence surrounding the entire playground, making it easy to keep adventurous 3.5 year olds from running off. I love being able to keep an eye on S, happily climbing and playing on the “big kid” playground, while pushing B on the baby swings. There is plenty of shade, although it can get a bit buggy in the afternoons, and the ground cover is mulch. And, an added perk, the HVBC playground overlooks one of Jordan High’s practice fields. If you are playing around lunchtime, you are treated to a concert from the marching band. Lately, we’ve been able to watch the lacrosse team practice in the afternoons.

But, perhaps, the best part of the HVBC Playground is its proximity to everything. A stone’s throw away from the Hope Valley Commons and Woodcroft Shopping Centers, the HVBC Playground is a perfect bribe pit stop after a morning of errands. Try pairing this excursion with lunch at the nearby City Beverage, Bandido’s or Alfredo’s Villa Pizzeria, dessert at Rita’s and, while you’re at it, pick-up your online grocery order from Harris Teeter!

Hope Valley Baptist Church Playground
6900 Garrett Road
(corner of Hope Valley Road and Garrett Road)



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