Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mamarazzi Photo Class

Sarah C. and I had the good forturne of doing one of the neatest classes recently: the Mamarazzi class.

See, we both bought fancy-pants SLR cameras when our cutie-pies arrived to take better photos of them to share with family and friends. We promptly put the settings on to the auto function and never moved them. Lately, though, we just felt like we could do better. If only someone could navigate us through all the buttons, numbers, f-whatevers, and ISOies on our cameras. Enter Annie Harrison.

Annie Harrison (of Annie Harrison Photography) offers a Mamarazzi class. This is for parents to learn how to shoot better pictures of their kids. You have the option to attend this class either solo or with your child in tow. Given that Sarah and I are both SAHMs, C and D were coming along.

Annie will meet anywhere where play is good and kids will be entertained if you opt for private or semi-private lessons (group lessons are at her house). So Annie and her business partner, Rebecca, met us at American Village Playground. And even though there were already a bunch of toys there, Annie brought some new toys to play with, too, to make doubly sure our boys were occupied.

Both Sarah and I received a very professional book about photography, produced by Annie. This talked us not only through buttons, definitions, and tips and tricks, but it also provided recommendations for composing shots.

We spent one hour sitting and talking cameras and shots. Annie was so friendly and personable. This was a class where we had our kids, so as you can imagine we could only partially pay attention -- we had sons to tend to. But Annie was very understanding (a mom herself) and helped us out and kept talking.

Then we spent another hour taking shots of the boys, with Annie and Rebecca helping us and giving us advice. Again, because Annie is a mom, has a lot of experiencing snapping kids, and possesses a great sense of humor (her tagline for the Mamarazzi class is "Go Ahead, Shoot Your Kids"), Sarah and I got some fabulous shots!

Since they are precious shots of our kiddos, we're not posting here, but we have shared a photo of class and our classroom. You can see how fantastically casual it was. Perfect.

Sarah and I keep raving about how enjoyable this was, and I keep opening the pictures to gaze at them.

This class isn't the cheapest (anywhere from $75 per person to $175 per person depending which option you choose), but it isn't outrageous either. We found Annie through LivingSocial, too, so there may be some deals floating around out there. Plus, think of it as an investment. You are taking beautiful photos to capture these fleeting moments of childhood.

By the way, Annie will also shoot your kids for you, if you simply can't bring yourself to do it. Contact her through her website for session rates and more information.

Mamarazzi Photo Class
Annie Harrison Photography


At October 11, 2011 at 6:03 PM , Blogger Annie said...

Hi ladies! Just wanted to give you a little update - we are no longer two photographers, we are one big happy photographer family. :) Come see us online at Happy shooting!


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