Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waller Family Farm

This might be our last strawberry post for this year. DH is threatening to go on strawberry strike. Which given that I've picked at Jean's, Oakley's, and now Waller, I suppose I can understand. (Don't worry folks, the biodynamic and organic Whitted Bowers is on our to-do list, just not sure how soon we can get out there.)

Waller Family Farm is a real strawberry, vegetable, and cattle farm located in Durham. And this might win as my favorite spot to pick so far. It was just as organized as Jean's. And there were rows and rows of beautiful, huge, ripe berries. In the pavilion, simple concessions were being sold and bathrooms were available. (Special little thing Waller does: the first two rows are reserved for Seniors.)

This farm certainly had the best scenery of all the strawberry farms we've picked at. This is a year round working farm and full of stuff for C to look at when he wasn't smushing picking strawberries. There is a bee area (which we didn't get too close to) and cows out at pasture. A beautiful white farm house sits up on a hill. There are goats around somewhere, too, but we didn't see them while we were there.
You do pay more here than at the other stops we've scoped out for you: it is $1.45/lb for PYO here, $4.00/quart if they pick for you. Cash or check only. But given how great this stop was for kids and family, we were okay with it.

When it isn't strawberry time, Waller sells vegetables picked fresh daily at the farm and starting in October schools can book Educational Farm Tours.

Waller Family Farm is a close drive to both Chapel Hill and Durham, right down Erwin Road. The berries are good for the getting right now, with lots of green ones coming in, too. But make sure you call before you go. This is a popular spot and they will close up early if the berried are picked out for the day.

Waller Family Farm
5030 Kerley Road


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