Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Container Store

From Sarah C.:

The Container Store is a newer arrival to our area. I won't lie, I was thrilled when they finally opened so I could go into one versus ordering online. (Now if we could just get Ikea in the Triangle too! Oh wait, I'd be broke...) Funny thing is, now that the store is open in Raleigh, I still find myself doing most of my shopping online!

The store itself is gorgeous. Bright, airy. So well organized - of course. I could wander for hours looking. D has been very patient with me in the past. And even loves to try out the children's furniture (there is a cute art table with a photo of crayons on it the poor child tries to pick up every time!). But there are times when it just isn't convenient.

This is where their website and "Click & Pickup" program are my best friend. I visit the website. Find the item(s) I want. See if they are currently in stock. Place my order and arrange my pickup. This speeds up my shopping trip as everything is already bagged when I arrive. It save my wallet too as I can see the total add up on my screen and know exactly what I'm spending before I get to the register. Plus, helps ensure the container I want literally fits the items/space as I can check measurements online & at home versus just guessing in the store.

When you make a Click & Pickup order, there are two designated parking spots directly next to the front door reserved for you. Park here and head in. The customer service area is immediately inside with signage noting the Click & Pickup pickup area. If you are in a rush, I suggest calling before you arrive to request your order is brought to the front. Otherwise, they will have to go to the back to retrieve. It's not a terribly long time, but your checkout will be faster if you call ahead.

Or - a parent's best friend - use their Curbside Pickup and have it brought to your car. Call the store about 15 minutes prior to your arrival, park in one of the designated spaces, call the store again to say you have arrived and have your order brought to your car. As I now watch my infant niece plus D during the week, this carryout service was a huge help to me recently versus having to unload two small children from carseats, get them inside, etc. Instead, after playtime at a local park where I made my call-ahead, I pulled up, called and we kept singing away to Laurie Berkner while waiting for my order. We were back on the road and headed home just in time for lunch & naps. Perfect.

The Container Store
http://www.containerstore.com/ | Raleigh
4601 Creedmoor Rd, Suite 100

(919) 899-9630



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