Friday, July 22, 2011

Igloo Organic Frozen Yogurt

FroYo is taking over the world. There is the new Sweet Frog at Southpoint (coming soon to this blog, but yum!), another new FroYo place going in by the Target at Southpoint, and now this new location near Governors Village. I hope ice cream isn't extinct. Has anyone had a sighting lately?

So how to judge these places? They all seem to have the same trendy-bright-pop interior, with chairs that aren't entirely comfortable but look really cool and repel frozen yogurt well. They all have the machines on the wall where you pick your flavor. They have a variety of toppings you can pick, and then you pay by weight.

The nice thing about these shops that are more common now than a celebrity divorce (RIP JLo/Marc) is that you can find low fat, low calorie, gluten free, and now, with Igloo, organic options. That's right, Igloo is Organic Frozen Yogurt. (Igloo is also kosher.)

I don't believe that this organic moniker applies to the toppings, though. I, personally, have yet to find organic Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (believe me, once I do I will be all over it as a way to justify my sweet tooth).

At Igloo, this is a smaller shop. The selections of both flavors of yogurt and toppings aren't as diverse as Tutti Frutti or YoPop. However, it sits in a location where not much else like this is available, it is still clean and, of course, trendy-pop inside. If you want to get the kids some FroYo, you can then swing by the drive thru of Bean & Barrel on the way home and treat yourself to a blended coffee drink. So not organic or low fat or low cal but WORTH IT!

Igloo Organic Frozen Yogurt

50221 Governors Drive

Chapel Hill


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