Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Inside Scoop: Consignment Sale Top Ten Tips

Today's post is a special little, and different, piece from our guest blogger Rachel (find out more about Rachel and where to find her regularly below). This article gives you an inside, humorous, and useful look at how to maximize your time and efficiency at consignment sales. Which is great, since consignment season is coming.

So. Consignment sales!

See, I have a toddler and he needs clothes, like, every day. Ridiculous. And because I like to spend most of my extra cash on stuff like nail polish and Lauren Conrad tops, it’s important I maximize my consumer savvy to keep up with the kid’s wardrobe while not sacrificing my taste in the latest trends. I’m half-way kidding. Ish.

But also! I want my toddler to look like a Jolie-Pitt. That part is important.

Enter, consignment sales. If you hit the right sale at the right time, you can bank really high quality, name brand children’s items for less than the cost of that macchiato you drank on the way there. Many items still have tags. Win. And if you’re super into it, you can even make money by selling items, but that’s a whole different post altogether.

Today we’re going to talk about consignment sale preparedness. SCHOOL IS IN SESSION.

Now, my first trip to a consignment sale was outrageous and I almost died of fatigue, anxiety, dehydration, and mauling. I wasn’t prepared at all and you can read about that here. But I survived, albeit a smidge traumatized, and now I’m here to share with you tips for a successful consignment sale experience. A ten step program, if you will! Whatever. Let’s get started.

1. Mark your calendar. Impromptu consignment shopping is not recommended for various reasons including but not limited to sanity. Plus you’ll need time for (2).

2. Fitness. P90X is the official recommended exercise for those training for a consignment sale because it builds stamina, which is arguably the most important tool in a successful consignment sale experience. (Also a good tool? Scrappiness. Be competitive about it.) But the bonus benefit of P90X is that it makes you hate life, thereby when you’re in the throws of the sale and you want to quit, you’ll remind yourself at least I’m not doing P90X. Feel me?

3. Make a list. What does your child need in his or her wardrobe? Are there any specific toys you might look for? If you’re familiar with the layout of the sale, draw a map to ensure utmost time management.

4. Pack snacks. Something like an apple or peanut butter crackers is good. Why? Because your mom said so. And my personal favorite: Diet Coke. Or if you’re a fancy health person, water.

5. Use the restroom beforehand. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to use the restroom while consignment shopping. I strongly advice against trying.

6. Take a buddy, if possible. It is important not to disclose the activity (consignment shopping) beforehand, so as not to frighten your buddy. Say something like, “Let’s get together for a walk,” (casual attire, see how that works?) and offer to pick your buddy up from his or her place of residence. This is crucial because he or she will therefore not have a getaway vehicle. Once at the sale, confuse your buddy with a “SURPRISE!” If a Real Housewives fit ensues, pay them.

7. And if you have a buddy, use whistles. This tactic was best illustrated in Season 7 of Friends when Monica shopped for the cheap wedding dress. Basically, if you or your buddy winds up in a brawl over merchandise, the whistle may be blown to cue a rescue operation. Basic science.

8. Take a shopping cart. Because no amount of working out will prepare you to carry 100 lbs of children’s clothing on each arm. Been there.

9. Wear intimidating clothing. Think glitter, sequins, bed head. Bonus points if you have a hat similar to the one Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding.

10. Strategize. Once inside the sale, collect any and all items of interest. Claim them. Once you feel comfortable you’ve collected all David Beckham look-alike baby boy clothing- or whatever floats your boat- sort your items as necessary. You must do this in a well lit area so you can identify stains.

Now you’re reasonably prepared for your next consignment sale, my friends. Class adjourned. I mean, dismissed. Wow, too much CA trial coverage YOU THINK?

The Kids Exchange Consignment Sale in Raleigh is coming up July 11th through the 18th, followed closely by my personal favorite, Upscale Resale in Cary, August 11th through the 13th. There are many awesome sales here in the Triangle- many taking place late summer (winter clothing)- so go get your Google on and have fun!

Rachel Rankin resides in Cary with her husband, toddler, and two herding dogs. She graduated from NCSU and loves the Canes! You can find her daily on her humor blog, , where she overshares about motherhood, marriage, and pop culture.



At July 11, 2011 at 7:56 PM , Anonymous Consigning Chrissy said...

This is too funny!!! I don't know what I love more Princess Beatrice or the P90X comment!


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