Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Katie Beth's Learning Garden

Feeling like summer is turning your kids' brains to mush? (Lucky you if yours are on a year-round system.) I remember how my parents used to make me and my siblings do Scholastic readers and other educational workbooks during the summers to keep us 'sharp.' Ah, memories. And my mom would love this store in University Mall.

Katie Beth's Learning Garden is full of educational workbooks, reading books, educational toys, and crafts to keep little minds engaged. Although this shop has no official affiliation with Waldorf or Montessori, you will find a lot of toys related to both programs here (which is good, since I miss the Waldorf shop that used to be).

For craft materials there are boxed art projects but you can also get block crayons, rock crayons (love these), papers by the sheet, fleece materials, and more.

There are materials here for all ages. C was particularly enamored with the dinosaur workbooks, stickers, tattoos, coloring books, and readers.

Prices vary since goods are both new and previously used.

The owner of the shop is a homeschooler mom of her brood so she is very knowledgeable about the educational materials.

Head on in: summer doesn't have to be an educational wash anymore!

Katie Beth's Learning Garden
Located in Chapel Hill’s University Mall

201 S. Estes Dr.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

*Dillard's side across from the NC License Bureau

(919) 929-2118


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