Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Longstreet Drive Playground - Raleigh

From Sarah C.:

D and I ventured out recently to explore one of the newest playgrounds in Raleigh. This particular playground, Longstreet Drive, is located in a neighborhood in North Raleigh and just opened this year. We had a fantastic time running around, digging in the sand box and sliding.

There are two main pieces of equipment - one for the 2-5 age range and one for the 5-12 age range. The latter and two swings (one bucket, one regular) are well shaded by large trees. Next to the smaller equipment is the sandbox, a teeter totter and one spinning seat thing (first I've seen - picture an office chair minus back so you sit & spin). Those, unfortunately, were full sun during our morning visit, but not unbearably hot minus a couple of the small slides. D was a happy boy spending most of his time digging in the sunny sandbox.

I did manage to talk him into exploring the larger piece of equipment. It was pretty easily scaled by my 2 year old via steps and the "rock" wall. The slide there was larger, naturally, but also nice and cool unlike some of the smaller ones.
Along the bottom of the larger piece were a couple fun
interactive spots for all ages - a steering wheel and a little stage panel. I laughed when I saw the stage panel - remind anyone else of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with those little head silhouettes down there?

The playground is located on the corner of Longstreet & Stuart Drives. There are two entrances - one via steps coming from Stuart and one at ground level near the corner intersection. The remaining side against Longstreet (busier of the two streets) does have a fence, but note neither entrance is gated. The fence continues around the back and opposite side while the front section facing Stuart is a block retaining wall plus the steps. Thus, children are pretty well contained, but do be watchful.

There are no restroom facilities or water fountains. Parking is along the street. There are picnic tables (one in a shady spot near the road) if you want to pack a lunch. The main ground cover is rubber surface minus the sand area & concrete sidewalks which includes a built-in hopscotch so bring some sidewalk chalk!

If you feel up for a walk, head a couple blocks southeast on Longstreet Drive to the intersection with Bent Creek Drive. There is a greenway access point there.

Longstreet Drive Playground
7334 Stuart Drive



At October 18, 2011 at 9:36 PM , Anonymous Nikki said...

Oh goodness, I just stumbled upon this by google-ing this park. I live in this neighborhood, and I wouldn't suggest coming to this park after the school-aged kids get home (3-4pm). It becomes very loud, aggressive and definitely not kid-friendly. We live w/in walking distance to this park but we get in the car and go to Baileywick Park instead. Great park, not so great neighborhood.

At October 23, 2011 at 10:19 PM , Blogger allison c said...

Thanks *so* much for the information Nikki! Obviously, we can only get out to these parks at certain times of day and local knowledge really is the best. So nice to know. And yeah, we love Baileywick too so we are OK recommending that. Again, thanks for the comment!
- Allison, aka Mom in Chapel Hill


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