Thursday, July 14, 2011

Meadowmont Community Playgrounds

I know, hardly seems like playground weather these days. But Sarah C. and I needed to mix it up a little. So early in the morning we met in Meadowmont Village to get coffee (iced, of course) and bagels from Carolina Cafe then took off to hit a playground in Meadowmont community and let the boys run around.

We've already talked about the Meadowmont trails on this blog as well as some of our favorite things about the Village such as Brixx, Firehouse Subs, Lickity Split, the Wellness Center, and the YMCA outdoor pool (which has a playground area). But there is also a really great playground just plop in the middle of the street. Well, ok, it's not like that. It is actually quite lovely and safe.

We spent some time at this little playground off Parkridge Ave (this is a very easy walk from the Village Center - head left on Sprunt, right on Weaver Mine Trail, right on Parkridge). This playground doesn't have a lot of shade, yet. There are some arbors which will fill in nicely in the next year or so.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy this as there is a toddler area as well as a climbing area for older kids. And the whole thing is fenced in. Although this particular spot isn't big on playground equipment (1 slide, 2 bucket swings, 2 regular swings, 1 climbing station for older kids, and 1 climbing area for toddlers), it has a few little surprises. Our boys enjoyed the concrete dinosaur. And there is a little basketball spot (alas, no net or hoop yet). And we noticed a hopscotch board etched into concrete. So bring sidewalk chalk!

Ground cover is mulch.

There is another playground in Meadowmont, in The Apartments, that is not nearly as big on space but still fun. You can access this from Barbee Chapel via steps right across from the big lake at The Cedars. Again, not much shade here but it wasn't as blazes hot here as the Parkridge playground.

By the way, that lake is quite pretty with a community garden on its banks. Worth a nice little stroll. You know, when the humidity isn't 250%.

Meadowmont Village Playgrounds
- Parkridge Ave
- Barbee Chapel


At July 17, 2011 at 2:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice, ty, i had no idea that this existed and I'm not too far from Meadowmont!


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