Thursday, August 25, 2011

Briar Chapel Playground - Chapel Hill

Just one more thing to hit in Briar Chapel before we move on from this little community in Chapel Hill. And that's the little playground that's here.

This playground is great because it is right next to the pool and easily accessible from the walking trails as well. A stop here can make a nice addition to a day outside enjoying this new community.

This park has some really interesting equipment on it. There is a really different piece of climbing apparatus, clearly for older kids, that I would love to see some children spend some time on figuring out. Heck, maybe once this baby is out I will give it a go myself! Looks like fun.

There are also slides here and things for littler kids to climb as well as a neat little water feature.
This playground isn't huge but, as I said, it is so convenient to the other attractions in Briar Chapel. The only things to watch out for: there isn't any shade at this park, natural or otherwise, and it is not fully fenced from the road. Not that your child could make it to the road quickly as the playground is set back and the road is not heavily trafficked being part of a neighborhood.

There is a nice little picnic shelter here to enjoy. And the playground certainly keeps C entertained!

Briar Chapel Playground
Briar Chapel Parkway
Chapel Hill


At August 26, 2011 at 1:04 PM , Anonymous Briar Chapel said...

Hi there,
Thank you so much for your post on Briar Chapel's Park. We wanted you to know that since your visit we have added a shade structure and we hope you'll come back out to visit us again soon!


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