Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Glazed Expectations

C and I really enjoyed our trip to Paint Your Pot a long time ago. During that trip, if you recall, I was working with my other mommy friends to stamp our kids' hands on pottery to make Father's Day gifts. The kids were too young to paint themselves but we wanted to preserve their cute little prints. However, now, C is all about crafts and painting. In fact, we try to have craft time a few times a week at home.

So when I took him to Glazed Expectations in downtown Carrboro he got to be his own independent artist. Glazed Expectations is so great. It was smaller than Paint Your Pot so the selection of ceramics wasn't as large, but it is clean, the staff is friendly, the price is really good, and we still found plenty of interesting things to paint. We did a little dino for $6, a duck magnet for $3, and a butterfly magnet for $3. There were also plates, platters, bowls, mugs, cups, and more.

Studio time costs $6 for children and $8 for adults, but even though I definitely had a brush and did that dino you see there, I was not charged for studio time. So the entire process was quite reasonably priced.

Turn around time on getting the final pieces is good: 2 days this particular week. (In case you aren't familiar, with these paint your own ceramic shops you go in, pick a plain piece, choose all your paints and materials, create your masterpiece, and leave it with the shop to be fired so the glaze sets.)

The paint colors were so diverse and they had a lot of good options, too, for other ways to get creative with pencils, puff paint, and the like. No paint specifically marked for hand-stamping as we saw at Paint Your Pot but the glazes were all safe (and food safe if you are making plates or cups) and come out of clothes. If you are still nervous about the clothes, though, smocks are on site to wear.

While we were there a summer camp was going on. Kids of all ages, from K-8th grade were there, talking, and creating masterpieces that went beyond painting and into shaping and molding. C and I learned a lot from the 8th graders in particular: the adaptation of Twilight from book to movie made them sooooo tired of vampires and scientists are currently developing a "smarter" pill, you know, to make you smarter so algebra is easier.

I can't promise that your trip will be as educational since summer camps end soon, but I can bet that you will have fun being creative in such a great environment. (Although note that as of publication of this post, Glazed Expectations will be closing for 1 week starting Aug 15th for a summer break.)

This shop does host birthday parties, showers, after-school classes, and other special events. See their website below for details and information.

Glazed Expectations
205 W. Main Street
Suite 104


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