Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kidcycle Consignment Sale

The biannual Kidcycle is ON at University Mall this weekend. And it is all about the clothes. Which is nice since, as the seasons are about to change, C is in need of some fall clothes that fit.

Of course, Kidcycle has a slew of other things to offer, too. There are strollers, swings, beds, toys, baby gear, and more. This is offered in a huge space so they pack a lot in there!

So for Kidcycle, there really isn't a terrible time to go unless you are looking for something specific. The first day of the sale is open to people who preregister online (for new parents, primarily) or folks who bring in diapers to donate. How easy is that!? Bring in some diapers to donate, get in to shop early.

After that, there are 2 days of regular shopping then a day of 1/2 price shopping. And while we were there there were quite a few parents hitting the racks, so get there while you can. Although I already snagged the super-cute Gap hoodie and Hanna Andersson sweater for C. However, if you REALLY love a bargain, the last day of the sale is Dollar Day (check the website below to see which day is Dollar Day, for this particular sale it is August 20th). That means that everything that doesn't sell is on sale for $1. And all the money goes to charity, the charity selected changing each sale.

To consign at Kidcycle, you have options as well. Stay tuned to the website for dates for drop off. When you drop off, they will go through your stuff for quality control but really take most everything. Then you can select whether you want your goods returned to you if they don't sell, if you want them to go to Dollar Day then be returned to you, or if you want them to go through to Dollar Day then on to donation if not sold. But get this: you get 70% of the sale, that's huge for consignment!

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