Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ritter Park - Cary

You know how I mentioned in the Hemlock Bluffs post about Ritter Park being right up against the nature preserve? Well, here's the lowdown...

Now I have to tell you Sarah C. and I discovered this quite by accident. We loaded our kiddos into their strollers, and started down the hiking paths at Hemlock Bluffs. As we were struggling to push our inappropriate strollers through the terrain (if only there had been a blog telling us what gear to bring), a very kindly elderly man suggested that we not go the 3 miles and, instead, head over to Ritter Park. After getting directions, Sarah C. and I got back in our cars and drove the 3 minutes to the kid-friendly park. We know when to wave the white flag.

Ritter Park was great. There was a very nice playground with an area for older kids, younger kids, and a fantastic sandbox with permanent sand features to play with. There were only 2 bucket swings, though, so that caused some issues. And not a lot of shade, but we were there early enough that the weather was quite pleasant and the slides cool to the touch. This park looks like it is brand new.

The other great thing about Ritter Park is that it is right on the Cary Greenway System. So we got to pack our kids in their strollers again and take a nice, leisurely stroll along the paved, undulating path in the shade. Quite lovely and not nearly as much as a sweat-fest, buns-burner as pushing tiny umbrella strollers through mulch at a nature preserve.

There are restrooms at this park that were open while we were there (no changing table). And the Nature Preserve literature was quite right, this is a lovely place to picnic!

Full list of amenities:
  • Baseball/Softball fields
  • Basketall Slab
  • Playground
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms
Harold D. Ritter Park

301 Lochmere Drive West


Open daily sunrise to sunset


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