Monday, September 26, 2011

Amante Pizza's Kid Night

Today's fantastic post comes from blogger Katie, of Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven. Not only is this fantastic lady on top of the fun events to be had in Chapel Hill & Carrboro but she is also a mom. I love her! Enjoy the read.:

We love Amante Pizza! The choice of bases (traditional tomato, pesto, salsa, even black bean..and that isn’t all), the choice of cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar, fontina, gouda, goat and so many more) and the incredible choice of toppings (think traditional plus fabulous fruits and veggies—even broccoli) make it our go-to place for pizza, whether dine in or takeout. Not to mention, this Mommy loves their salads!

So, when we learned that Amante at Falconbridge has Kids’ Night on Monday nights, we were all over it! Really, children get a one topping individual pizza (which is still a healthy size) and a drink for $4.50. That would have been enough for us, but when we went, what we found was even better!

First, when we ordered, they asked if my son would be making his own pizza. I admit, I laughed at the thought of my newly minted two year old, H, making his own pizza. I had visions of pizza dough and cheese hanging from the ceiling as we were escorted out, so I declined. I just assumed that “build your own” meant “choose your toppings.” Our friends’ 3 year old did make his own pizza, and, I have to say, it was very cool. They brought out the dough, the sauce and the toppings and he, with freshly washed hands and the careful, incredibly patient guidance of the staff, constructed his own pizza!!! He had a blast, and so did we!

Next, if your children are anything like H, you are have that period of time between ordering and food arriving when you really need to keep them entertained. At Amante, they had it covered. Just inside the door, they had a table of plastic cars and trucks to play with!!!! Built in entertainment that stays at the restaurant!!! Could it get any better?

Finally, the restaurant wasn’t packed (we’ve seen it completely full other nights of the week), and the other folks in there had little ones, too, so we felt a little more relaxed about the truck noises, and crashes, coming from our table.

Overall, it was fabulous, and we will definitely be going back. Pizza that gets some green veggies in my son plus toys plus a delicious dinner for Mom and Dad=one perfect recipe! And maybe one night, H will even make his own.

Amante Pizza at Falconbridge
Falconbridge Shopping Center

6209 Falconbridge Rd
Chapel Hill



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