Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lower Haw River Hike

This past weekend DH and I decided to explore the Haw River a little bit with C. We love this river and couldn't wait to get a little closer. We found some online references to and information about the "Lower Haw River" hiking trail and we figured it would be a good fit.

This was a really pretty hike, nice and flat along the banks of the river. The challenge is finding it. Holey moley, it took awhile for us to find that trailhead!

We came straight down Bynum Road (like you are headed to Music on the Front Porch) and parked in the tiny gravel parking lot there. We traipsed over the Old Bynum Bridge (quite lovely, by the way, worth a meander) and all around looking for the trailhead. It turns out that if you park at this lot you have to walk from the parking lot with the river on your right straight ahead, past an old building's foundations, past the public utilities building, through another parking lot up on your left, and then down the road a little ways until you see a turtle and the trailhead. Trailhead looks like this:
Your easier option would be to park in the parking lot off of Bynum Church Road. Parking here requires that you walk down the road a little ways until you see the turtle and trailhead. Bynum Church Road parking lot looks like this (as taken from the first lot we parked at):
But scouting for the trailhead is totally worth it. This is a pretty little spot and we really enjoyed it. Kids and toddlers can walk parts of it since, again, it is really flat. No strollers, not even joggers, on this since the path goes get narrow in areas. Bring a carrier. Also bring some water shoes as there are some nice areas to get down close to the Haw. (We were salivating over places to put our kayaks in someday.)

Plus you have to cross the river some to stay on the trail. We didn't go far enough down this trail since we had already walked a considerable distance just trying to find the trailhead. But you can read more about the river crossings and trail details over at our friend Joe also has this nifty trailhead map he created as well as some great explanations of the flora and fauna you can see along this 5.1 mile trail:

Outside of nature, which is close to you since this path doesn't get a lot of foot traffic (it's so hard to find!) and is not as large as other State maintained paths in the area, there are some other interesting sights. We enjoyed seeing the old-Old Bynum Bridge (you can't walk on it but you can see it from the Old Bynum Bridge) as well as an old manual-powered cable car that was used back in the days that the Haw was used for textile mills. Thankfully, only remnants of those mills remain and you can enjoy a wild hike down by this powerful river.

Lower Haw River Hike

Bynum Church Road


At October 2, 2011 at 11:50 AM , Blogger Mary TIger said...

Great suggestion! We had a great hike yesterday on the Lower Haw. We made it out about 2.5 miles, and the trail gets quite narrow. At times, we actually lost it. But our daughter enjoyed looking at the "big water" and watching some canoes go by.

At October 13, 2011 at 8:28 PM , Blogger Allison said...

Mary- thank you so much for the comment! We had read from the GetGoing site that he, too, lost the trail at one point. We, of course, didn't make it that far. But I am so glad you went and shared your comment! We find the Haw River so pretty.


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