Monday, October 24, 2011

Fearrington Village Pumpkinfest

Today we get to give you a debriefing about an event in advance!  Usually we write up events post-visit so that you can use the information for the following year.  But thanks to Katie, today we can get you the information for this event very close to the date of celebration.  Enjoy the read.:

Fearrington’s Annual Pumpkinfest is coming up on Sunday, October 30, and we can’t wait!  (Which, if you haven't been to Fearrington Village before, you must get out and enjoy at some point.  This is such a cute place!)

Last year, we took H (who was just over a year old at the time) and my then 7-year old niece, E, and everyone had a blast. We thought we would just go, check out a few pumpkins, maybe have a little dinner, and head home.  But when we got there, there was so much more! Even better, this event is free!  You only have to pay for what you consume once you arrive.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about navigating the gigantic crowd with a one year old in a strolled and a seven year old who wanted to see everything, plus all the gear for baby.  Yet once we got going, it was a breeze. We were certainly not the only crew with a little one; in fact, it seems that every tree had several strollers parked around it. We followed suit, parked our stroller and made our way two the parking lot in front of the Belted Goat where a live bluegrass band was playing. H & E had so much fun dancing and laughing with the other children, we almost forgot about the pumpkins!

This is also one of the rare occasions where the cute and cozy McIntyre's Books does a special kids storytime, not to be missed for the older kids.  And, of course, Fearrington Village has the special belted galloways and fainting goats that you can seek out.

As we made our way to the Granary for dinner (which did include a kid-friendly menu) we saw the most intricately, and beautifully carved pumpkins displayed not only in front of stores and along walkways, but tucked away in unexpected spots. And the lit carvings weren’t limited to pumpkins. There were other gourds, and what I am pretty sure really was a turnip.

The only downside of the evening was that when we got to The Fearrington Granary the wait for a table was over an hour long. This year, we will put our names on the list and then go exploring!  (FYI the Belted Goat also serves light fare during the Pumpkin Lighting, but H wasn’t quite ready for a sandwich last year.  Also, The Roost will be, as usual, selling adult beverages for enjoyment but this night they will also be selling hot dogs and fried chicken.) Also, note that if you have a little one who doesn’t walk much make sure you have a stroller with you.  Parking can get tight and you may have to park down the road and walk to the village center.

For the grown-up side of things, check out our review on Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven.  And if you want to see the pumpkins without the crowds, the pumpkins will still be out for display on Monday night.

Fearrington Village Annual PumpkinFest
Sunday, October 30, 2011
5 pm - 8 pm

Fearrington Village
2000 Fearrington Village Center

Spooky Storytime at McIntyre’s Books (6:00pm & 6:30pm)
Family Style Dinner at The Fearrington Granary (5 pm-8 pm)



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