Friday, October 21, 2011

Hubb's Corn Maze

Are you all tired of fall fun and adventure yet?  Of course not!  Us either.  Today Dave from the great blog Forced-Family-Fun brings us another post, this time about his family's adventures at Hubb's Corn Maze.  Although it's in Clinton, it seems well worth the 1 hour drive!:

When hanging with the family I usually stick pretty close to downtown Raleigh… why endure the inevitable crying that comes with a long car-ride? However, recently my family visited Hubb’s Corn Maze in Clinton, a little less than an hour from Raleigh. While the ride was not trivial it was well worth it. My wife and I giggled like children as we enjoyed the huge jumping pillow and lightening fast burlap-sack slide, making this outing officially the most fun I’ve had being a parent (note that my son also had fun).

Hubb's is much like McKee's in that they specialize in huge corn mazes.  In fact, there are 4 at the premises: 1 for beginners, 1 for toddlers,  and 2 longer mazes.  This year's theme is a tribute to the 30 year space shuttle program (check out their website, below, to get an aerial view).

One of the greatest things about Hubb’s Corn Maze is that their only criteria for adding a new activity or ride is that it must be super-fun and borderline dangerous. The barrel train is a manifestation of this policy. Kids climb into barrels with wheels on them and are whipped around in circles by a surprisingly fast lawnmower. Our son G and my wife road together for his first ride but soon he was riding all by himself. This was our 16-month-old’s favorite activity.  (Note that younger kids will really love this, older kids may not.)

Oh, special insider's tip: if you have a young kid that needs a parent to ride with them make sure that the shorter parent volunteers. I almost got stuck!
Another of our favorite activities was the dueling burlap-sack slides. We warmed up by taking our son down the smaller slide on our lap and then let loose on the larger one. Our son even went down the smaller slide on his own. While you may be thinking “it’s just a slide” let me assure you that the combination of speed with the lack of control caused by the burlap sack is exhilarating.  Make sure you get every inch of your butt and feet on that burlap sack and you’ll really fly!

While Hubb’s Corn Maze is a great outing it’s not a free one. We paid $15 per adult (cash only) for the activities + maze pass but, truth be told, we didn’t even make it to the corn maze! If you have young kids consider just getting the activities pass, as you’ll never have time to do both the activities and the maze before nap time. If your kids are a bit older spring for the full pass and you can really make a full day of fun.

Here's a full list of everything you can find at Hubb's:
    * Hubb's Express Train (50 Passengers)
    * Barrel Train
    * Jump Pillow
    * Air Canon
    * Huge Sand Box
    * Tire Play area
    * Wooden Play Tower
    * Steer Roping
    * Giant Slides
    * Toddler Town
    * Fire Pits in the evening (byo marshmallows)
    * Mini Hay Bale maze
    * Hay Ride
    * Pony Ride
    * Pumpkins
    * Concessions

Hubb's also offers a Haunted Trail at night.  They promise scary excitement so make sure your kids are prepared if you elect to take them.

Hubb's Corn Maze
10444 West Highway 421 North



At October 24, 2011 at 10:34 PM , Blogger Tammy Peterson said...

Thank you for blogging about your trip to Hubb's Corn Maze. We are glad that you all had a great time. We do like to make sure we find fun activities. All the activities are tested by our 3 year old little daredevil. We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Who knows what we will add next year.:-)

Tammy Peterson
Hubb's Corn Maze


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