Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ragan & Holly's Pumpkin Patch

This could be our last Halloween-related post this season...maybe. It's just that as much as I adore this season and embrace it, time is running short. The holiday is around the corner! Speaking of time running short, if you want to get a pumpkin and have an "out of grocery store" experience without the commitment of a huge fall festival/corn maze/hay ride extravaganza (and at significantly less cost to you) you could check out Ragan & Holly's Pumpkin Patch.

Ragan & Holly's Pumpkin Patch is the fall offerings of Jean's Berry Patch. On the premises where you pick your strawberries when the weather is warm, you can get your pumpkins when the weather turns cool.

Ragan & Holly's really is just about the pumpkins. They will occasionally offer special events like clowns and characters, but these happen on the weekends only and aren't the norm for this spot. Think of those as a happy surprise should you catch them.

Instead, you want to head to Ragan & Holly's to pick up a locally grown and gorgeous pumpkin. This is also a great spot for fall photo opps: hay bales, big tractors you can climb on, and fun fall decor all over. Ragan & Holly's also sells stuff beyond the carving pumpkin. There are all sorts of baking pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, baked goods, Indian corn, vegetables, and more for sale. In fact, those in the know head to this spot early in the season to get the special Blue Moon pumpkins. The selection of pumpkins here is amazing.

The carving pumpkins aren't the cheapest you will see around town at anywhere between $8-$15 per carving pumpkin, but they are local, large and, well, like I said, just gorgeous.

Cash or check only here. Unlike other fall spots around the area Ragan & Holly's is open daily until 6 pm so you have lots of opportunities to pick your pumpkin up. But if no one is manning the stand it is honor system when it comes to paying for your pumpkins. And please do be honest, folks. This is an incredibly great Apex spot year-round, let's do right by them!

Ragan & Holly's Pumpkin Patch located at Jean's Berry patch http://www.jeansberrypatch.com/
3303 Nc Highway 751
(Corner of Highway 751 and Lewter Shop Road


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